Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Providence High Schools Making AYP for 2010

The envelope please:

  • Classical: enrollment based on test scores.
  • Feinstein: closed as "persistently low performing" and because of poor facilities.
  • Hope Arts: academic program being dismantled by PPSD, pending appeal to RIDE by student activists.

Also, the reason Feinstein had such poor facilities? Adelaide High School was given the building designed and built for FHS. What was Adelaide's graduation rate this year? 46.7%

Heckofa job, PPSD!

Also, note how much more understanding PPSD administrators are to schools attended by middle class and affluent people:

Two of the city’s most successful elementary schools, Vartan Gregorian and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., are on the “caution” list, which means they did not reach all of their academic targets.

But Contreras said that the classifications don’t tell the full story. King missed only two targets and Gregorian missed one. Both schools, she said, have shown steady improvement for three consecutive years, especially in reading.

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