Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SchoolTool Receives Award from Commonwealth of Virginia

The Virginia Department of Education has presented to SchoolTool a statewide award for exceptional and exemplary contributions to Career and Technical Education through business and industry partnership. The full description of the award states:

"SchoolTool, an open-source computer software product, consists of a suite of free administrative software for schools. In 2005, SchoolTool partnered with the Arlington Public Schools CTE to author a competency-tracking application called CanDo. CanDo couples the SchoolTool software with the CTE Resource Center's Verso database of CTE competencies, allowing instructors to report and monitor student competency achievement. SchoolTool is an excellent example of a public-private partnership that has mad a significant impact on education in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Hundreds of teachers and thousands of students, with the added support of the CTE Resource Center, have benefited."

SchoolTool was nominated for the award by the Arlington Public Schools Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education.


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