Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet the New Boss, Different Than the Old One

Karn Mithralia:

As of 10/06 12:30 hours Ushra'Khan will declassify Providence as being under free-fire policy. Here ends our Burn Providence campaign. Our stations in Providence will open to neutrals within the next 24hrs, with the exception of those in the ZQ2-CF constellation. We reserve the right to ask neutrals to leave this constellation or be shot.

Neutrals are warned to take all necessary precautions in Providence, we do not speak for other alliances in the region.

The slaver threat has retreated to the corrupt embrace of the Empire it serves and to there we turn our attention. Accordingly let it be known that the Amarr Empire is now a Ushra'Khan free-fire zone. May CONCORD protect you, your god won't.

The difference between a "sandbox" MMO and the rest is that in a sandbox, after you storm the castle and kill the boss, you don't do it over again next week. You have to figure out how to run a castle. This has not been easy for our band of guerrillas.

Myself, I've had all the high-anxiety complications I need in real life thank you very much, and find myself on an extended hiatus from internet spaceships, but hope to get back soon(tm).

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