Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The School Reform Cycle of Life


One week from today, the first class of the Science Leadership Academy will walk across the stage at The Franklin Institute as our first graduates. For the kids, it represents an incredible rite of passage into adulthood and all they will accomplish once they leave our walls. Tonight, I want to try to unpack how I feel about all this. I'm not sure I can.

Linda Borg:

PROVIDENCE — It was a night of last things: the last commencement ceremony, the last valedictorian, the last class gift.

Feinstein High School is closing and on Tuesday night, the Class of 2010 walked the stage with a mixture of elation and sorrow, profoundly aware that the school is a success, despite its fate.

I spent most of the morning pummeling the usual tools in the ProJo comment cesspool.

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