Monday, March 14, 2011

The Eight School Shuffle

Linda Borg for the ProJo:

Under the recommendation from Taveras and Brady, Flynn Elementary, Windmill Street Elementary, Messer Elementary and Messer Annex would close by June 30. Student and staff from the two Messer schools would move to nearby Bridgham Middle School, which would become an elementary school.

It will be interesting to see by what mechanism this move and consolidation is achieved. Right now, everyone working at the Messer schools is fired and their positions cease to exist. For that matter everyone at Bridgham is fired too, and their positions are gone. Note that it doesn't seem to be the case that Messer is moving to Bridgham. Three schools are being closed in this equation and a new one opened. So by what mechanism, if any, will the Messer staff be moved to the new school? It seems to me they'll be applying with no more right to the position than any schmo off the street.

Just for reference, two years ago, the Messer teachers would have gone to the consolidation meeting where they'd have first pick of all open jobs in the district. Times have changed.

I could go on at length about all the little switches here -- will the 6th grade teachers whose positions at Fortes were eliminated get the new positions created at Lima? As of two years ago those two staffs weren't on very friendly terms, but times may have changed. Stay tuned.

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