Monday, March 21, 2011

Gulen Schools: Can't Keep This Quiet Forever

Philadelphia Inquirer:

Ruth Hocker, former president of the parents' group at the Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania Charter School in State College, began asking questions when popular, certified American teachers were replaced by uncertified Turkish men who often spoke limited English and were paid higher salaries. Most were placed in math and science classes.

"They would tell us they couldn't find qualified American teachers," Hocker said.

That made no sense in Pennsylvania State University's hometown, she said: "They graduate here every year."

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Gulen is a Fraud said...

The Gulen Movement is a worldwide agenda that is a political, social and religious movement. Today there are over 600 Gulen schools in over 100 countries and many are surrounded by controversy. some countries have thrown them out: Russia, Uzbekizstan and others like the Netherlands, S. Africa are watching this schools very carefully.
The problem is in the USA they are using American Tax Educational Monies to launder between their multitude of Gulen foundations and Institutes that are layered around these schools. To pay for non-educational nonsense like: Turkish Olympiads, Trips to Turkey, "bond financing luncheons" h1-b Visas for non-credentialed teachers and local Turkish festivals, etc.,
This group is doing what their leader has directed them to do "to work into the arteries of the system until you reach all power centers" via: Interfaith Dialog, Politics, police, media, education, banking, commerce, and finally the struggle for the military which is what is happening now in Turkey with the arrest of over 60 Turkish journalists.
To learn more about Gulen read and research:
Ex-FBI Turkish Translator Sibel Edmonds, Dr. Aland Mizell and Dr. Joshua Hendricks. (for list of schools)