Thursday, March 31, 2011

On Brady's Resignation

For three years, Tom Brady was a strong, reassuring hand on the tiller of the Providence School District. Of course, I felt the ship was going in exactly the wrong direction, so I wasn't too happy about that. Nonetheless, it isn't a particularly good feeling to see the captain climbing into a lifeboat as you're heading into the kind of rough seas and hidden shoals the PPSD is currently.

As much as I'm generally sympathetic to my friend Jill's suggestion that "this moment represents a real occasion to choose the next leaders of our district with meaningful input from and participation of young people, parents, educators, and community members," what I really hope is that Taveras already has a plan, knows who he's going to hire, and gets it done as quickly as possible.

The PPSD's range of options is now severely constrained by RIDE and US ED. PPSD's internal capacity is probably at an all-time low, and riven with outside advisors with ideological agendas and no long-term interest in its survival. Probably the most important thing is to find someone who either is completely in sync with Deb Gist or is willing to publicly challenge her.

But basically, Angel Taveras just took title on the PPSD, sitting on blocks with a big puddle of transmission fluid underneath it and a big "AS IS" sign in the window. It's his baby now, and he'd either knows how to fix it or is going to start stripping it and selling off the parts.

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