Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Yes It Can Be Done


Memphis residents voted Tuesday to transfer the administration of the city’s schools to the county, supporting earlier moves by city officials and effectively putting an end to the city school system.

You know what would have been fun? $4 billion in incentives to support this kind of move.


Stephen Downes said...

I don't understand why school governance is ties to civic governance at all. Why not have separate school boards that receive their funding from a common state pool (or provincial pool, as we have in Canada)? School boards can then elect their representatives directly, typically alongside civic elections. It takes school policy out of civic politics entirely, and seems to work pretty well here (it also has the advantage of allocating resources fairly across rich and poor communities).

Tom Hoffman said...

Indeed, once you start talking to people outside the US, you see how goofy our system is.