Thursday, March 31, 2011

Presumption of Cheating?

One thing worth noting is that Deborah Gist went from being stonewalled by Michelle Rhee on the DCPS cheating scandal that is now blowing up to closing or otherwise supporting dismantling schools in Providence that had shown dramatic increases in NECAP reading scores. Feinstein High School: up over 40 points in 2 years -- closed. Hope Arts: Up over 50 points in 2 years -- program dismantled even when the changes were proven to be in direct violation of RIDE regulations by a student group.

And there was just an amazing, fundamental incuriosity about the whole process. To my knowledge, not one single person from RIDE ever visited Feinstein to inquire about their score increases, in any way.

Was this because they were just presumed to be cheating?

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