Friday, March 18, 2011

Making Friends at the Skatepark

As you might expect, an interesting mix of people turn up at an urban public skatepark on early spring mornings while school is in session. On Thursday I met a voluble skater who explained to me that:

  • He was out of practice because he hadn't skated for three weeks.
  • He was really high.
  • He'd just gotten out of some kind of institution (his three week layoff) because he'd gotten in a fight with his brother and ended up brandishing kitchen knives while his brother called 911.
  • He once kickflipped down an eight step staircase.
  • He was manic depressive but back on medication.
  • He needed a ride.
  • He is a Christian and wondered if I knew God.

Nice kid (for the record, I'd say he was 18). I gave him a ride. If he'd been my student I probably wouldn't have known any of the above.

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