Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Maximum Flexibility?


PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- School Superintendent Thomas Brady and Mayor Angel Taveras have postponed again the submission of a list of schools recommended for closure in 2011-12. The list -- originally to have been announced on Monday -- will be made public instead this coming Monday, March 14.

Christina O'Reilly, School Department spokeswoman, said in a news release:

"... the administration is still in ongoing conversations with leadership at the Providence Teachers Union to discuss how teachers displaced by the closure will be terminated and how those unaffected will have their letters of dismissal rescinded. These are challenging decisions that cannot be made lightly or without adequate consideration."

This move to get "maximum flexibility" really just leaves them with a small plate of unpalatable options. Getting rid of bad teachers sounds pretty good. Closing schools and simply firing outright whomever is unlucky enough to be working there won't poll so well. Focusing 100% of the pain on the neediest students, neighborhoods, and those who have served them isn't going to be pretty. But that's what they're locking into.

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